CEO of DoBee Me Recruiting

I am Deborah Taylor. I started DoBeeMe Recruiting in 2018. After working for 3PL, Distribution, and Warehousing for over 25 years, I saw minimum training in 3PL, Distribution, and Warehousing; it is a revolving door for associates.

There was minimum training and a lack of professionalism. At the beginning of my 3PL, Warehousing and Distribution career, I started as a temporary associate who worked my way up to a General Manager in Warehousing and Distribution through hard work and perseverance. Throughout the years, I saw good jobs lose good people because of the minimum training on behavior.

I have run successful departs and buildings by focusing on behavior and process. When associates are made aware of their behavior, their productivity, attendance, and longevity improved. Awareness of behavior allowed associates to be themselves but a clear understanding of accountability. Accountability is not punishment but a wake-up call to get your behavior in check to be successful. I promote Do The Right Thing, Even When No One Is Looking, Be Teachable, Be Consistent, Be Positive and Be excellent.

I am the bridge between Employee and Employer.  I want to help close the gap by awareness of behavior and its success in Distribution and 3PL.