Mission Statement

DoBee Me Training & Recruiting changing how we think changes what we do. We will strive for excellence by being teachable, consistent, positive while doing the right thing, even when no one is looking, delivering positive next-level results.  We focus on behavior.


There is an 80% turnover due to the lack of awareness of behavior.  Management, Associates, and Companies are frustrated due to turn over rate. DoBeeMe Recruiting will be the bridge between employees and employers. Employers are hiring eager young adults who want to work but do not fully understand meeting customer needs. Employees are frustrated with the revolving door of associates and the hiring financial responsibility. DoBeeMe Training & Recruiting will focus on behavior, and the company can focus on the process. We want to assist with the revolving door for the employers and provide longevity for employees, which will allow companies time to focus on strategy and innovation. We want people to feel confident about going on interviews with professional resumes and attire. We want the employers to hire young professionals that can respond to interview questions professionally. We want to bring professionalism back to Distribution and Warehousing.

Do The Right Thing, even when no one is looking

DoBee Me Training & Recruiting promotes- Doing what is right leads to better relationships. Better relationships lead to bigger and better opportunities and better RESULTS.

This will promote exceptional customer service.

Be Teachable

DoBee Me Training & Recruiting says – Humility is the starting point for teachability because teachable souls know their need for learning. Teachable people know there is always something more to learn from everybody.

Which will promote exceptional customer service

Be Consistent

DoBeeMe Training & Recruiting promotes staying consistent. Consistency builds trust. Dependable working conditions, clearly defined goals, and predictable job demands create a reliable work environment.

Which will promote exceptional customer service

Be Positive

DoBee Me Training & Recruiting promotes a positive workplace attitude. It affects the presence of innovation and creativity, which can lead to increased productivity.

Which will promote exceptional customer service

Be excellent.

By Doing The Right Thing, even when No one is Looking, Being Teachable, Being Consistent, Being Positive, and We will Be Excellent.

 Which will promote exceptional customer service